Yard Waste consisting of branches, twigs, leaves, or plant materials can be placed curbside 
no earlier than 5 p.m. the evening before and no later than 7 a.m. (by 6 a.m. when summer hours are in effect) on the collection day.
Yard Waste Collection Days

Guidelines for placing yard waste curbside:

   Branches & Larger Brush Items

  •  Branches cut to four (4) feet in length and tied with twine (no wire or tape).Branches bundled
  •  Placed in a neat pile curbside; please do not block sidewalks or put in roadway.
  •  Disposal of trees and stumps done by a private contractor will not be accepted.

   Plant Materials or Garden Debris 

  •  Consisting of weeds, leaves, or small brush clippings – NO GRASS
  •  Placed in biodegradable paper bags or in open barrels or cans.  Weighing no more than 35 pounds per can or bag.
  •  Yard Waste will not be picked up loose or in plastic bags.           no-black-bags                 


   Bagged Leaves - Specific Collection days (Oct-Dec weather permitting)

  •  Placed in biodegradable paper bags or containers that can be emptied.


Yard Waste Properly Placed Curbside -
Cut to 4 feet in length, Bundled with Twine - Small Pieces are in Biodegradable Bag:

Yard Waste Improperly Placed Curbside -
In the Roadway, Not Cut to 4 feet in Length, Loose and Not Bundled: