Environmental Services


  • The Health Department conducts investigations of public health nuisances in residential and commercial areas to identify potential problems, and in response to citizen complaints regarding animals, insects and rodents, air and water pollution, and garbage or debris (solid waste).
  • Retail food inspections are conducted throughout the year to assure that food retailers meet the State Sanitary Code.
  • Investigation of utility (water, gas, and/or electric) shut-offs including referrals and safety information.
  • When indicated, the Health Department tests for lead paint and provides abatement information.
  • Institutional Inspections (daycare centers, nursing homes, hospitals) and public bathing places are routinely made for safety standards and cleanliness.
  • Safety, sanitation and heating of rented single or multiple dwellings are monitored in cooperation with local building, housing and safety code officials. Homeowners who remove or abandon a fuel (oil) tank must contact the Health Department.