Bulk Trash

Collection Policy:

Bulk items will be collected on the scheduled days for the entire Borough.  Only permitted items, with the required number of bulk trash stickers, can be placed curbside no earlier than 5 p.m. the evening before and no later than 7 a.m. (by 6 a.m. when summer hours are in effect) on the collection day.

Guideline of Required Stickers:

  • Only permitted bulk items, with the required number of bulk trash stickers, will be collected curbside on the scheduled days.
  • Bulk trash stickers can be purchased at the Borough Municipal Complex for $3 each. 
  • Following is a guideline of required stickers:
ITEMNumber of StickersITEMNumber of Stickers
1Kitchen Table (disassembled)3
Bath Tub (fiberglass)4Lamp Table1
Bath Tub (porcelain)8Love Seat3
Box Spring3Pallet - wooden (cut in half)2
Carpet (10' x 12' section)4Recliner4
Chair - Folding1Sink (porcelain)6
Chair - Upholstered2Sink (Stainless)3
Dresser6Sofa Bed6
Dryer - Clothes4Stove6
Exercise Equipment3Table - End, Coffee, Folding3
Fence - Stockade 3'x4'1Toilet3
File Cabinet4Wall or Floor Unit3
Gas Grill (no tank)3Washer - Clothes6
Hot Water Heater6Misc Item - Maximum 25 LBS1

Items Not Accepted 

Appliances containing Freon – such as but not limited to refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers.

  • Car parts, tires, or batteries.
  • Consumer Electronics – computers, printers, peripherals, telephones, cell phones, TVs, microwaves, etc.
  • Hazardous Waste - such as but not limited to motor oil, anti-freeze, propane tanks, fluorescent tubes, oil-based paint or chemicals.
  • Masonry Items - concrete, brick, block, or stone.   Also dirt is not accepted.
  • Medical Waste – contact a local hospital for information on the “Safe Syringe Program”.
  • Recyclable Items – newspapers, plastic/glass bottles, chipboard, cardboard, textiles, etc.
  • Renovation/Remodeling Debris – lumber, tile, siding, roofing materials. 


Dumping of items is not permissible in the Borough of Manville. If you witness illegal dumping please report to the Manville Police Department at 908-725-1900.