Manville Shared Services Partners

1.      Robert Wood Johnson Shared Daytime Ambulance Services
The Borough of Manville participates in a shared Services arrangement with Robert Wood Johnson Health Network for daytime ambulance services.  This shared services agreement includes the Municipalities of Bridgewater, Manville, Raritan and South Bound Brook.   This arrangement is at no cost to the Borough of Manville.  Daytime ambulance coverage is from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

2.      VFW Shelter Agreement
The Borough of Manville has entered into an agreement with the VFW to use the VFW facility as an emergency shelter.  This facility has primarily been used to provide shelter to flood victims.

3.      Animal Control/Shelter
The Borough of Manville and the Township Of Bridgewater have entered into an agreement for a Regional Animal Shelter.  The Regional Animal shelter furnishes animal control officers, equipment and transportation for stray animals.  The services are provided on-call 24 hours per day.

4.      Shared Municipal Court
The Borough of Manville has entered into a shared services agreement with the Township of Hillsborough for the sharing of Court Operations.  This agreement allows for the sharing of court facilities and court staff, and provides for shared court sessions and the performance of all Manville Court functions.

5.      Agreement for Shared Services with the Manville Board of Education
The Borough of Manville and The Manville Borough Board of Education have partnered together for cost sharing purposes related to the maintenance of Board of Education facilities and Custodial Services at Borough Hall, Department of Public Works Building, Police Headquarters and the Borough Library.

6.      Health Department Services
Manville Borough and Somerset County Government have a partnership to provide public health services to the Borough of Manville. The County of Somerset provides licensed personnel to carry out the following health activities: Administration, Health Education, Environmental Health, Public Health Nursing, Communicable Disease, Maternal and Child Health, and Adult Health Services.

7.      Financial Management Services with Montgomery Township
The Borough of Manville and the Township of Montgomery have entered into a shared services agreement for Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Qualified Purchasing Agent, Finance and Payroll/Benefit and Pension related services. The Township of Montgomery provides these services to the Borough of Manville in turn reducing the costs to the Borough of Manville associated with salaries, pension and other employee benefits.

8.      Sanitary Sewer Professional Licensed Services
The Borough of Manville provides licensed Professional Sanitary Sewer Licensed Services to the Borough of Somerville. These services include providing the necessary reporting requirements in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The Licensed Sewer Collection Systems Operator will also offer professional recommendations needed by the Borough of Somerville related to sanitary sewer collection systems.