FoodStock Food Challenge 2023

The Manville Recreation Department with support from the Manville Public Library, Manville Public Schools, Manville Borough Council, and the Manville Police Department are participating in the FoodStock Food Challenge 2023!
13+ towns in Somerset County have committed to this friendly competition to see which municipality can collect the most non-perishable food and household items.  

Now through Monday, May 1st we will be collecting food at several locations in town with the goal to help replenish the 3 local food banks so that all donations will go back to our own Manville Residents.

The winning municipality will be determined by the total weight of all donations.

Contact Information:

Manville Recreation Department

908-725-9478 ext. 121 

Suggested Donations

Items with “**” indicate high demand, very low stock = ALWAYS NEEDED!  

Peanut Butter   **                                                         Jelly                                                                            Vegetable Oil   **

Canned Chicken / Tuna                                                Spaghetti-O’s / Canned Pasta                                 Microwave Meals (canned, bowls, cups)  **

Pasta  **                                                                         Pasta Sauce  **                                                         Ramen Soups  

Dry, Bagged Beans (black beans, lentils)**              Oatmeal - Instant                                                     Pancake Mix - Complete  **

Pancake Syrup   **                                                        Cereal - boxed, kid friendly                                    Snacks  

Crackers  **                                                                    Coffee   **                                                                 Rice

Water bottles (small and large)                                   Juice / Juice Boxes  **                                            Fruit Cups

 Granola Bars                                                                  Cake Mix & Frosting  /  Brownie Mix  **  ^^      Birthday Candles  **   ^^

Sugar (packets, pound;  any shape/form)  **           Baby Food - jars or pouches                                 Baby Wipes   **

Shampoo/Conditioner (all hair types, ethnic) **     Laundry Detergent  - Liquid    **                         Dish Soap - Liquid

Bar Soap                                                                          Deodorant                                                               Toothbrushes & Toothpaste  (child & adult)

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash                                             Paper Plates - Dinner Size   **                             Plastic ware (forks, knives, spoons)  **

Paper Towels                                                                   Toilet Paper                                                            Canned fruit

Canned vegetables                                                         Canned soup                                                          Farina / Grits / Polenta

Bran Cereal                                                                      Fruit Snacks / Gummies / Gummy Snacks


^^ indicates Birthday Bag items:  we can create a take home bag of cake mix and frosting or brownies, birthday candles, and applesauce / can of soda (in place of eggs and oil).   It’s a nice extra for families with kids.    

Manville Food Drive 2023

Drop-Off Locations:

Please look for bins at the following locations:

  • Manville Borough Hall - 325 North Main Street
  • Manville Police Department - 2 North Main Street
  • Manville Public Library - 100 South 10th Avenue
  • Manville High School - 1100 Brooks Boulevard
  • Alexander Batcho Intermediate School - 100 North 13th Avenue
  • Roosevelt School - 410 Brooks Boulevard
  • Weston Elementary School  - 600 Newark Avenue

Designated Recipients

Donations will be delivered to the food pantries at:

Food Bank of Somerset County

Feeding Hands Food Pantry

Caritas Food Pantry