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April 10, 2020 8:30 PM

April 9, 2020 Mayor Onderko's update on the Coronavirus

Good Evening, This is Manville Mayor Rich Onderko. Today is Thursday, April 9th. I would like to give a brief update on the latest coronavirus cases.

A total of 1,279 cases have been reported in Somerset County with 139 new cases today. So far, 62 deaths have been encountered in Somerset County with none in Manville. With 5 new cases today, it brings our total to 45 residents infected.

Cases are still increasing and more of our residents are sick. Please keep them and all the victims to date in your thoughts and prayers.

The month of April has several religious holidays. Executive Order 107 from Gov. Murphy bans social gathers of any size and directs residents to stay at home. Our churches may be closed but whenever you pray, however you pray, and whomever you pray to, please include a pray this virus gets defeated.

Please keep an eye on your elderly neighbors and those living alone. Lend a hand to those in need as we get through this difficult time. The shelter in place order is in effect through April 30th. Please stay home and only go out for essential items. If you go out to a store for food or a pharmacy for medication, you must wear a protective mask to help stop the spread. Let's all do our part since we are all in this together. Be well.

Click this link for the latest from Somerset County Dept. of Health....

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