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May 22, 2020 8:01 PM

Memorial Day 2020 Advisory

A message from Manville Mayor Rich Onderko. Friday, May 23, 2020

I would like to give a quick update concerning the coronavirus and share some exciting news as we start the Memorial Day weekend. So far, we have encountered 143 positive cases in Manville since early March with unfortunately 5 deaths. Week over week numbers look to be significantly declining as the curve is being flattened. Last week, we had 10 positive cases and so far 7 new cases this week. Two new cases were reported on Friday. Please keep all those affected by this virus in your thoughts and prayers.

Governor Murphy has begun to relax some restrictions on small businesses by approving curb side pickup for non-essential businesses. However, more needs to be done to allow them to safely open with social distancing limitations. Please support our small businesses in Manville now and in the future.

This 3-day weekend is in celebration of Memorial Day which usually indicates that summer is not far behind. On Sunday beginning at 1 pm VFW Post 2290 is sponsoring a veterans' convoy which will drive throughout every section of town to honor those killed in action and remembering the sacrifices of all veterans. The theme of the convoy is “America Stronger Through Sacrifice.” All residents of Manville are invited to sit on their front porch, wave and cheer the convoy on.

Our Main Street is already lined with our Hometown Heroes banners and American flags. During this difficult time of a pandemic, let’s all show our patriotism this Memorial Day. Patriotic home decorations and flags are highly encouraged. And if residents can stay off local roads between the hours of 1 to 3pm on Sunday it would be greatly appreciated. Be well and enjoy the convoy. God Bless America!

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