When will CodeRED be used?

Any message regarding the safety of the Boroughs residents, businesses and community will be disseminated using CodeRED. The Borough will send out alerts via text messages, email, social-media and in certain situations and circumstances alerts will also be disseminated through phone calls. You may receive alerts and notifications for a variety of situations such as boil water notices, gas leaks, road closures, evacuations or shelter-in-place warnings, police activity, firefighting activity or missing persons. The Borough of Manville CodeRED is a community notification system to ensure you remain informed of important information. Please keep in mind when you register to receive alerts and notifications, you have the ability to select the types of messages you wish to receive and your preferred means of communications.

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1. What is CodeRED and what is it used for?
2. When will CodeRED be used?
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7. Can I register more than one phone number or email for my address?
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10. Is my personal information protected?