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Sustainable Manville meets the second Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Manville Public Library.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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“A rain barrel is placed under a gutter’s downspout next to a house, small shed or other structure to collect rainwater from the roof.”¹ Harvesting rainwater can be used as an alternative to utilizing the drinking water supply to water gardens and other outdoor uses.  Manville Borough is supporting the use of rain barrels and is receiving financial backing from the NJ Water Supply Authority (NJWSA). The NJWSA is sponsoring a rain barrel rebate program this summer in Manville Borough. Property owners will be eligible to receive a maximum of 2 rebates per installation address.  Rain barrels will be required to meet specific installation criteria (see Manville’s Rain Barrel Rebate Form below); the homeowner must pledge to use and maintain the rain barrel for at least two years. Property owners with properly installed rain barrels will be eligible to receive rebates of up to $200. Please check out the Sustainable Manville Facebook page for more information on this rebate program! Applications are available below, as are installation instructions.  

¹Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension, Fact Sheet FS1118

For additional information click on this link to: Sustainable New Jersey

Rain Barrels
rain barrel at borough hall

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Sustainable Manville Rain Barrel Rebate Program

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Rain Barrels Part I
Rain Barrels Part II
Rain Gardens and Mosquitoes

Kick-Off Meeting on Saturday, April 8th held at Duke Farms.

Manville Green team kickoff meeting Duke Farms tour 4.8.17
Manville Green team kickoff meeting Duke Farms 4.8.17